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Seminars and Training Presentations


All training presentations are unique and were developed by Dr. Andrew J. Harvey and Raymond E. Foster.  The training can include PowerPoint presentations, course workbooks, film clips, and interactive discussion, all presented in a friendly and fun atmosphere conducive to learning.


Each training course is customized to the degree specified by the client. Classes can have as much or as little custom content as desired. Attendees will come away with practical skill and knowledge that can be immediately put to use within the organization. Those who are interested in a formal degree in leadership might consider a masters of organizational leadership from an accredited college.


Examples of training seminars include:


Action Leadership:


If a player doesn't realize it's his or her turn to play, the dealer will say, Your action.

This one-day course is designed to help current and aspiring leaders to fulfill their ultimate potential in the realm of leadership by realizing its always your action.  The course is based on the book Leadership: Texas Hold em Style; and, covers the keys to good leadership through a variety of engaging and entertaining instructional methods.


Made Hand Career Development:


In poker, a made hand is one that does not need to improve to win. As an example, in draw poker, if you had two pairs and another player is drawing for a straight or a flush, you have a made hand because you win even if you dont draw a card that improves your hand.  Conversely, your opponent has a drawing hand, they must draw into a winning combination.


Made Hand Career Development is designed primarily for public sector professionals. The course teaches you how to develop your career to the fullest.  Giving you the tools and resources to develop your career into a winning made hand.  An organization benefits from this one-day seminar through developing their employees to view their career as journey for which they must be prepared.


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