Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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The Best Leadership Book

Father's Day

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Give your Hero the gift of leadership for Father's Day!

"It presents an impressive amount of information on leadership in a fun and interesting format - with liberal use of relevant and humorous quotes, experiences and analogies. Your retention of the material will be extremely high because of the author's unique writing style and the attention-grabbing format."
Lieutenant Paul Patti

 "This book serves as a great resource and will always be at an arm's reach for years to come."
Lieutenant Andrew J. Borrello

"This is without question one of the best books on effective leadership ever written and it is profound and entertaining as one of the most unusual yet best possible analogies is used."
Charles Ashbacer, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

"an exceptionally outstanding learning resource--it is far more than a 'book' if the reader accesses all that is available through their generous and dynamic leadership website--for leaders of every experience level."
Major Richard S. Botkin, USMC (ret.)

"The authors of this book are incredibly educated and insightful in their perceptions and philosophies on leadership. They are not writing from theory, they are writing from experience, adding to the credibility factor of this book! The poker analogies used in this book are awesome and very to the point."
R. Temple

"If you are a fan of poker, you definitely will want to pick this one up and read it. I know just a working knowledge of the game, but this metaphor still made sense to me. It is a pleasant read, in a simple yet detailed enough language to keep me interested."
Katie K. Snapp

"From the beginning on this book captured my attention. And even though I don't play poker, the authors make it easy to apply poker rules and principles to leading and motivating people."
Thad Forester

"The best book on leadership I have read. The theories mentioned in the book is based on real world views and easy to understand how to apply the theories and ideas in your job. This book can be used in any organization."
Betty Moffit

"Now, I am using the book in my consulting practice--very relevant, very practical and an easy read!"
Captain Jon M. Shane, (ret.)

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